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France Property Sales - Gascony

french property for sale in south west france

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Prime property agency with a personal touch

Trust Maisons et Manoirs to help you find your dream home – and you might even fall in love, says founder Sarah Day

Independent and local property agency Maisons et Manoirs specialises in finding the perfect home for its customers.

The bilingual, multi-national team focuses on giving fantastic service from its agencies in Gers, Haute-Pyrenees and Haute-Garonne, guiding the customer through the whole process.

Company founder Sarah Day said: “The customer leaves their car at the agency and we take them around and explain about the area. We focus on quality properties in villages or the country, and have a mix of French and English buyers and sellers.”

All the agents know their areas inside-out and are happy to share their local knowledge. “The team have all got family here and have been through the system, so we all know our areas very well,” said Sarah. “We can recommend builders, bilingual notaires, the best schools and golf courses.”

Sarah’s husband Marc, who joined the company two years ago, added: “We’ve renovated many houses in France over the years, so we’ve got a lot of experience in property here and a good network of builders, plumbers and other services. I used to be in the building trade and I had a swimming pool business for 15 years, so I can offer advice where necessary.”

Sarah, who has 20 years of experience in property, has her own real estate licence so the company is independent, making it very competitive on price. She is a member of real estate association SNAIM, which provides regular training courses for the team and ensures they are always up to date with laws and regulations.

She said: “This is what we do full-time. We spend an awful lot of extra time with our clients making sure they have everything they need. Buying property is the biggest thing you ever do, so you need that extra level of service. I’m always happy to call people back if they don’t have free calls to France – I’ll do whatever I can to make it easy for customers.”

The company’s testimonials speak for themselves – when Sarah was showing one couple around an area and they had seen a few properties, she said “just trust me and come and see this one”. When they got there, the man said: “I’ve only ever fallen in love once in my life; that was with my wife standing here beside me. Now I’ve fallen in love again.”


Sarah Day, owner & director

I came to the Gers an an au-pair and, following my degree in economics and ensuing career in news research, I returned to France. Having worked in property for over ten years I obtained my own French real estate license and set up Maisons et Manoirs in 2010. Easy travel through Toulouse and the internet have meant that I haven’t lost touch with my roots, but our children were born here and are now following the French educational system. We all belong to local clubs,are involved in our community and have a wide social mix.

Marc Day, owner & director

Having lived in the Midi pyrenees for the last 30 years I have accrued a large and varied knowledge of property, both in physical and commercial terms. I came here with a minimal amount of French but was fortunate enough to meet a great group of friends who not only taught me the language but also drew me into their culture. This had allowed me to explore the region in depth and also gave me the opportunity to have business here. In this time I have gained a great knowledge of the building materials and techniques used in this area which I am able to share with my clients. As a member of our team I'm always there to help with advice and guidance.

Sally Blaksley, agenct commercial

Qualified chartered surveyor, I have worked in property for 30 years, estate agency in SW France for the last six. I moved to France 11 years ago, I love the region, the pace of life, the seasonal liaison, particularly in terms of the food and above all, the local architecture and countryside. My personal experience of living here and interest in property has put me in an excellent position to broker not only the sale and purchase of houses in the area but to be of valuable support to buyers moving into the area whether on a permanent of holiday basis. I genuinely enjoy the satisfaction of achieving a ‘happy’ sale on behalf of both buyer and seller.

Francois Dos Santos

I grew up in Gascony, the home of D'Artagnan. Having spent my early years in the building trade, I have a broad knowledge of all property types and styles and an innate understanding of people and their property requirements. Having lived in Auch for many years, my knowledge of our departmental town and the surrounding area is extensive. Keen sportsman.

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Castelnau Magnoac, Auch

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