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"Maisons et Manoirs" is active throughout the South West of France, our operating areas encompass several Departments of France.

Le Gers

The Gers department, in the Occitanie region, is the France of many people’s imaginations; sunflowers and gently rolling hills, medieval bastide towns and classic French farmhouses, vineyards and typical French country restaurants, rivers and lakes, castles and historic villages all set against the dramatic backdrop of the Pyrenees mountains.
The Gers, named after the river Gers, is also still often called by its rather more romantic name of Gascony despite the fact that Gascony hasn’t officially existed since 1789. This refers to ancient territories to the west of Toulouse which were renamed after the French revolution. Situated midway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, southern Gascony is one of France’s most tranquil and unspoiled regions with breathtaking views and a relaxed pace of life, often referred to as the Tuscany of France, without motorways, traffic congestion or pollution from industry.
The climate is generally mild, with summer temperatures not as excessively hot as in the Mediterranean area, long Indian summers extending well into October and plenty of winter sun. Winters are generally mild and you’ll usually only find snow closer to the mountains.
The Gers is also one of the least populated departments in France and, as a result, property prices have remained stable and affordable. Moreover, this is a part of France which is known for its beautiful stone houses in traditional French style and pretty Bastide villages. The southern Gers offers particularly good value for money and is less developed than the northern part of the region.
There are also a huge variety of property styles and ample lovely villages to choose from so you are likely to find pretty much whatever it is you are looking for in the Gers.
Hautes Pyrénées
The Hautes Pyrénées, as its name suggests, is the department in the Occitanie Pyrénées region which includes the greater part of this imposing chain of mountains, including some of the highest, snow-capped peaks. The department also includes the National Park of the Pyrénées, covering over 45,000 hectares. This department is split between the mountains to the south covering half of the department surface and the unspoiled valleys and vineyards to the north where it is most populated. It is predominantly an agricultural and tourist region, renowned for its gastronomy with duck, goose and Madiran wine featuring prominently on most menus here.

The Hautes-Pyrénées also boasts some remarkable natural sites, including Le Pont d’Espagne, Troumouse and Gavarnie cirques, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, the region offers a large number of spa and ski resorts for holidays with the emphasis on well-being, fitness and outdoor activities. This is the perfect region in which to observe a wide variety of flora and fauna including birds of prey, marmots and over 1,200 species of alpine flowers.

The Hautes Pyrénées is the perfect area for you if you like nature, outdoor activities, pretty valleys, mountains and gourmet food and wine (the residents of the Madiran region in the Hautes Pyrénées are some of the longest lived people in Europe which they put down to the antioxidant-rich Madiran wine made here). Summers are also milder than in the neighbouring departments and the Hautes Pyrénées department is less crowded and well-known than many other parts of France.
Haute Garonne
The Haute-Garonne department is the most populated region of the Occitanie region and is home to both the bustling metropolis of Toulouse and a stunning rural backdrop of undulating hills and valleys. It is a department of varied landscapes from lush plains to the soaring peaks of the Pyrénées and of history and great architecture including some of the towns classed amongst the most beautiful in France. 

The green valleys and mountains to the south of Toulouse are a huge attraction for those hoping to enjoy the great outdoors. In summer the Haute Garonne is an accessible paradise for walkers, cyclists and climbers who come to enjoy the beautiful and unspoiled landscape. The walking and cycle route are also marked with hoof prints as the many stables in the region take guided horse rides up into the mountains for spectacular rides. In winter, the Pyrenees are blanketed in snow, and the walkers, bikers and climbers are replaced by skiers and walkers with raquettes (snow shoes) or families with sledges.

All over the Haute Garonne are numerous historic and interesting towns, some influenced by the architecture of Toulouse with red brick buildings and Romanesque churches and others by the mountain lifestyle of the south of the region. Each town has its own charm whether it is the ancient architecture of the lovely hilltop bastides, with their stunning views or the small, sleepy market towns, surrounded by rolling hills. You can browse the colourful weekly markets, explore the beautiful countryside and enjoy the fabulous food of the region in one of the many excellent restaurants. 
The department now known as the Ariège was once an independent country with a proud identity. Located on France’s southern border next to Spain and Andorra it is one of the least populated, most unspoiled regions of France. Tucked away in the valleys and foothills of the Pyrenees, the Ariège has always served as a refuge: for prehistoric man who sheltered in the many caves, for the Cathars hiding from the Catholic Church, and for resistance fighters during WW2. Today, this beautiful and little-known area of France still provides that much needed refuge for all of us looking for a permanent or holiday retreat from the hectic pace of modern life.

The small, quiet country towns of the Ariège are full of character with a rich history. Many are just as they always were; you won’t find big, countrywide chain stores, only quirky boutiques and interesting small businesses, charming cafés, hidden squares and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside at the end of most streets. These are authentic towns generally uninfluenced by tourism and the outside world; an uncomplicated past reflected in the simplicity of the buildings and the colourful markets, overflowing with local produce, much of it organic and harvested the same day.

This is real France just waiting to be discovered.

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